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Thank you for taking the time to check out San Francisco Scuba Schools and to find out what we’re about! Well, what are we about? We offer small, more intimate scuba classes, with personalized attention and no more than 8 students per class. We also teach a variety of other classes to advance your certifications, all with the same personalized service. If you want to try diving but don’t have time to take a full course, we can take you for an introductory dive. In addition to courses, we also lead dive tours in beautiful Monterey Bay.


Give the gift of diving!

Diving Gift Certificates are available for any occasion!!!


San Francisco Scuba Schools offers the most personalized diving classes you will find in the Bay Area! Through our Home Study program, you can begin your diving class at home, then join our professional dive team for the pool introduction to the diving equipment. For the Open Water Certification, our program tuition fee inlcudes usage of ALL NECESSARY DIVING GEAR (including mask, snorkel and fins).

When selecting the class room/pool session, please select a Monday and Wednesday course within the same calendar week. The Monday class will be the initial class room/pool session (Modular 1). The Wednesday class will be the final pool session (Modular 2-5).

Unlike other facilities, you do not need to rent or purchase any equipment. When renting or purchasing gear from other dive shops to get certification, the charge can be anywere from $100-$500 on top of the cost for classes and materials.

Everything you need to get your Open Water Diver Certification is included in our package. You only need to bring a bathing suit and towel!


First you need to decide which course is best for you.
How do you decide between an "Open Water Certification" or an "Open Water Referral" course?

What are the differences between the two?

Open Water Certification includes:

  1. Home Study
  2. Pool Session
  3. Ocean Training in Monterey, California

The end result is a PADI certified Open Water Diver.

Open Water Referral includes:

  1. Home Study
  2. Pool Session

The Ocean Training must be completed within one year of your Pool Session by another PADI Instructor/Facility after which the end result is a PADI certified Open Water Diver.

So I'm sure you're wondering why would anyone choose the Open Water Referral?
Some of our dive students choose to complete the Ocean Training portion of the certification in another location for reasons such as vacations, prefer to diver in warmer water, etc.



Course Flowchart


NOTE: Explanations on the different Phases/Options:
- Option 1 is when you complete the classroom and the pool work here and finish the ocean dives somewhere else, such as on a vacation to Tahiti, etc.
- Option 2 is when you complete the classroom, pool, and ocean here.

Note: Please allot 10-15 hours for home study before the Class/Pool Session.

Certifications are offered through PADI, an internationally recognized scuba organization that has certified approximately 70% of divers throughout the world since 1966. Come and join the 10 million+ PADI certified scuba divers, and take the first step to new adventures!



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November 1st, 2013

UPDATE: The Class/Pool Session will be 2 days instead of 1.


October 31st, 2012

UPDATE: All classes will include the use of a dive computer at no extra cost!





San Francisco Scuba Schools offers internet based, PADI Home Study scuba diving lessons. Begin your diving class at home then join our instructructors for the water training portion of your diving lessons. With diving classes San Francisco, San Jose, Monterey & Maui, as well as associated diving resorts worldwide, we can offer a wide variety of dive lessons in a wide variety of environments. You can being your diving lessons at home and complete the dive training while on vacation in beautiful destinations such as Hawaii, Cozumel, Cancun, the Carribean, Thailand, Fiji, Australia and any of thousands of other diving destination around the world. From the beginner, Open Water Diver Courses, through Divemaster and the professional level classes, learning to dive has never been this easy. All of our diving courses are fully sponserd by PADI, the world's largest, and most well respected, diver training organization. Have a look at hte site for full information on diving San Francisco. You willl find full information on our dive classes, courses and lessons. We make diving lessons fun and easy. Come on into San Francisco Scuba Diving School's website, where the adventure begins. Private dive classes are available. We can organize a dive course to fit any schedule.